What is LAZĂR Model United Nations Conference?

      LazărMUN is a conference that follows the international Model United Nations format. The event currently sits at its second edition, which will take place between the 14th and the 17th of February at the ”Gheorghe Lăzar” National College. 

Our goals

      For 4 days, we seek to gather young people from all over the world to a debate concerning a plethora of subjects referring to social, political and economic issues of global significance.

      We want to believe that through Lazăr Model United Nations we can build the leaders of tomorrow for our country and we can raise awarness to some of the most pressing issues that our world faces in today’s day and age. In addition, we want LazărMUN to be a complete experience full of fun and joy to all participants, a place where teenagers can be themselves, even in such an academic environment. 

What is a MUN conference?

      Model United Nations conferences represent a simulation of the meetings taking place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The simulation takes place fully in english and tackles a variety of social, political and economic issues. Such events are created on a principle of „by students, for students” and are directed towards high-schoolers  fond of diplomacy, economics, politics and international relations, students who want to expand their general knowdledge and change the society in which we live.

      The rules by which an MUN conference functions is easy :one can apply as a delegate by using an online form, and then, he or she will be consequently given a country to represent in a certain committee. The committee is the place in which the debates will take place.

The theme of the conference


      „The young people of today are the change we so desperately need for the future”. Our hope in the future generation makes us want to create this event, for it is a chance for us to further shape the future during which we will raise our children.

      The topics tackled during the conference include problems and questions humanity has asked itself, subjects which often get media attention but are still not expansively enough understood by the general public. 

Topics to be tackled

1. SOCHUM (The Committee for Social and Humanitarian Issues): Indigenous peoples’ rights and Women’s Reproductive Rights;

2.  ECOFIN (The Committee for Economic and Financial Issues): The Impact of Automation on Developing Economies , Foreign Direct Investement;

3.  Security Council : The Conflict in the Strait of Hormuz;CRISIS Committee: Brexit: The Tory/Labour fight;

4. The International Court of Justice:  The Conflict between Ukraine and The Russian Federation;

5. CRISIS Committee: Brexit: The Tory/Labour fight;

6. DISEC Committee: Establishing a weapon free zone in the Middle East

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