MUN conferences surely have a special place in anyone’s heart, whether they’re a first timer, skilled chairperson, or member of the press or staff. Throughout the past days, this year’s LazărMUN participants have collected unique memories, met new people, gained a lot of knowledge and overall had a great time.

    We set off to find some delegates that could describe their MUN experience, whether they be first-timers or not, a chairperson that could share what these conferences really mean to them, a staff member that could take us behind the scenes of this event, and one of the observers that came to Romania all the way from The Caribbean to witness this particular event.

1.What do you think about your experience so far?

    Cuculus Ileana (first-timer): “I think that it’s going really well, even though at times it can be frustrating, because some countries don’t get along, but we’ve managed to reach common ground this past couple of days which is great.”

    Liță Vlad (first-timer): “I’m glad that I’ve joined this conference. It’s an amazing experience and I’ve learned a lot of things here that I wouldn’t have been able to learn wherever I’d go.”

    Ilie Daria (skilled delegate): “It’s really great, the conference is very well organized. I feel like delegates we’re asked about what they wanted at every step of their way, the goodie bags were really, really nice and the food was good too.”

    Bespalîi Dimitri (staff member): “It’s very interesting. There are a lot of people I know here and other fascinating people with very interesting stories to tell. I received a lot of random compliments. There were a lot of funny moments, I’d say that this conference is a highlight as a whole.”

    Ciascai Elena (chairperson at the ICJ committee): “I think that this conference is my soul conference, as I’ve came back even as a university student because it’s one of the greatest experiences so far for me as an MUNer, but also as a person as well. It’s really interesting for me to see how my former delegates become members of the Secretariat or the Chairing Team.”

    Théo Samson (Association of The Caribbean States observer at the SOCHUM committee): “It was really cool. Amazing. Me and my colleagues are part of this conference not only because we were invited here, in Romania, but also because we wanted to visit this country.”

Théo Samson
Bespalîi Dimitri
Cuculus Ileana

2. One of our main sponsors (Cefin Trucks) launched us this question: What do you personally do to transform your dreams into a career?

    Cuculus Ileana: “Join this type of events. They’re a great way to affiliate with different topics and to discover your passions. Basically trying out new things to see what suits me better.”

    Liță Vlad: “I’m just trying to develop myself, do a lot of research on different topics and see what I’m best at.”

    Ilie Daria: “I think that I work really hard and put effort into everything I do, not just the things that I think are directly important for my future job. We need to be really well rounded individuals.”

    Bespalîi Dimitri: “Usually I automatically put into practice what I wish to achieve through simple things like learning and joining certain events.”

    Ciascai Elena: “I can say that now, as an university student, whose studying its dream field, I think I was helped a lot by my experience as a debater and MUN-er.(…) I do a lot of extracurriculars and I take necessarily take it as something that I have to, I do these things because I really like it.”

    Théo Samson: “I received advice from people in higher positions. My first rule is no procrastination, and the second is to set certain goals.”

    Do you consider a career in politics, public speaking or other general fields that MUNs are encouraging?

    Cuculus Ileana: “I’m still trying to figure out what career path I should follow, but, thus far, LazărMUN has been offering me a new point of view about this subject.”

    Liță Vlad: “Yes, definitely. I still don’t know yet, because I want to try to do many other things.”

    Ilie Daria: “I would want to be a science communicator in relevant, international bodies and help spread knowledge.”

Lita Vlad

3.Will you join any other MUNs?

    Liță Vlad: “Yes, of course, I’ve really gotten into the MUNs throughout this conference and I definitely think I will join more.”

    Bespalîi Dimitri: “Yes, obviously! I’d like to join a lot more, especially LazarMUN, but next time as a delegate.”

    Ciascai Elena: “I will attend some, but maybe in Amsterdam, where I’m studying right now. I only came here as a special occasion because I really like LazarMUN.”

    Théo Samson: “Yes, and I will come back to Romania if I’ll ever have the time, for sure.”

    No matter how each person has contributed to this year’s edition of LazărMUN, I think everyone definitely left with a unique experience that surely made even the slightest difference in their lives. After all, LazărMUN is all about knowledge, leaving a mark, making a difference, being memorable.

    Written by : Ruxandra Dumitrescu

Elena Ciascai

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