CRISIS : The Daily Mirror, 15th of September

    With another set of PMQs just having unfolded earlier today, the internet is already caught up in intense debates regarding the PM’s chaotic and immature attitude. Besides it being a far louder event than the one that took place this summer, we were at least excited to see the energetic approach the Labour Party opted for this time.

    Still calm and collected, especially compared to Johnson, Corbyn and McDonnell were once again the most vocal in calling out the blatant inconsistencies in the Conservative Party’s strategies. Johnson was so overdramatic, he repeatedly stated that he believes his deal will be a flawless one, and that Britain will always have the possibility of closing a deal with whatever country they so please, since “our friends are in Washington, in Berlin, in Paris and all over the rest of Europe. Your friends are in Moscow.” The scene looked truly like a child throwing a temper tantrum, especially when he decided it would be wise to criticise the Labour Party for constantly pointing out potential problems with his plan. Not to mention he was so hurried in attacking the Shadow Cabinet, he tripped over his own tongue and called underdeveloped regions “underwhelming regions”.

    Thankfully, the Labour Party was quick to point out that it is completely unrealistic to expect the EU to accept Johnson’s deal on the first attempt after having rejected Theresa May’s deal not once, not twice, but a total of three times. The pressing issue that a hard Brexit would undoubtedly cause major divide within the country was also brought up.

    Ultimately, we can certainly hope that the Shadow Cabinet keeps up with this newfound energy, especially after their major successes in reaching the general public.

    Written by : Sophia Tiganas

    Photographer : Radu Zinca

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