CRISIS : The Daily Mail, 15th of September

    It has been quite a while since the recess of the government this summer, so we have been looking forward for today’s set of PMQs for a relatively long time. And the audiences were definitely not disappointed, especially excited to once again see the PM’s energetic and motivated approach.

    Just as last time, Johnson began the PMQs in a very enthusiastic way, clearly determined to address all of the concerns or questions that arose during past debates. The Conservative Party declared itself ready for a no-deal Brexit, but would still obviously hope to get to an as optimistic as possible turn of events. It has always been encouraging to see politicians be so concerned about the citizens’ well-being and power of choice, especially since Boris repeatedly stated that “This is what the people have chosen, and it is our job to act upon their will and stop being cowards.” Indeed, a friend of the people, quick to remind the Labour Party of the decision that represents the entire nation’s decision.

    Still, there were obviously still some grave misunderstandings, mostly involving the Labour Party. After shifting all of their focus on appearing on television and making headlines in every way possible, they spent the entire PMQs session solely complaining about the most irrelevant of aspects. Besides pleading for a soft Brexit that would do nothing to solve the country’s needs, they refused to offer any real solution to the problems they were complaining about and didn’t even propose any realistic alterations to Boris’ plans.

    With every new set of PMQs, the difference between the Labour and Conservative Party’s intentions and competences becomes more and more clear, and we can rest assured that with a Shadow Cabinet so self-absorbed and attention-seeking, there is no need to worry about their complaints affecting the Cabinet’s plans.

    Written by : Sophia Tiganas

    Photographer : Maria Iacob

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