CRISIS : The Daily Mirror, 25th of July 2019

    With Boris Johnson’s first set of PMQ’s just finished a few hours ago, no one is surprised to see the chaotic interaction between Parties unfold to Johnson’s disadvantage. It was embarrassing for even the general public to see the radically different approaches of the two cabinets clashing so haywire. 

    Overenthusiastic and, in all honesty, literally delusional, the Prime Minister used the PMQ’s as an opportunity to make a sort of To-Do List of all his fantasies without actually presenting any realistic way of achieving those. No one could help but think “We all know what there is to be done, but how are we actually going to do it?” Well, it seems like Johnson is definitely not the one to trust when it comes to actually answering these questions.

    The one encouraging thing about this first set of PMQs was, however, the stability and calm reigning over the Labour Party. Instead of getting swept up in an endless list of unrealistic and very distant goals regarding Brexit, they instead focused on the small, yet crucial, details: the make-or-break aspects of what Johnson was setting out. Especially Corbyn and McDonnell made sure to ask the burning questions and expose the major faults in the Prime Minister’s answers, as they elaborated on the EU’s position and were forced to put Johnson face to face with the grave consequences that would arise in case of no deal.

    We can certainly hope that in time, the Labour Party will be able to convince the PM to for once shift his focus to realistic plans, rather than an idealistic bucket list.

    Written by : Sophia Tiganas

The Labour Party

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