CRISIS : The Daily Mail, 25th of July 2019

    Just this morning, the 25th of July, BREXIT plans and strategies began being discussed more seriously than ever before, in form of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s first PMQs, where he finally got to thoroughly state the priorities of the government.

    Following this first set of PMQs, it was easy for anyone to see the striking difference between the Labour and Conservative Party. From the very start, Boris was energetic and competent in addressing every single one his goals, careful to explain all the aforementioned priorities: getting BREXIT done as soon and as well as possible, offering more resources and support to the police and supporting the NHS being his main focus points. It was indeed very encouraging to see the PM still very much focusing on the other issues present in the UK, while equally diving the government’s attention between these and how to get BREXIT done.

    On the other hand, the Labour Party was anything but energetic: they all seemed tired and somewhat fearful, which is, after all, pretty telling about how competent they will be with establishing logical and well thought-out BREXIT plans. During the entire duration of the PMQs, Corbyn himself seemed to be stuck in some sort of time-loop that solely allowed him to endlessly repeat the EU’s position. Frankly, especially when looking at the stark difference between the two parties, it was somewhat disheartening to see Labour wasting their own time by constantly being caught up in all sorts of technicalities.

    The outcome of this looks quite well, and if the PM continues leading the Conservative Party with such energy, we can certainly expect bright days to lie ahead for Britain.

    Written by : Sophia Tiganas

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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